• Brooks and Darcy, Virginia Beach, VA.  March 2007
    We fought a loosing battle of high maintenance and an unhealthy pond before we converted to the Aqua Ultraviolet products in 2003. We now enjoy a clean pond, clear water and healthy Koi with manageable maintenance. We first installed the Viper UV in March of 2003. We were so pleased with the results and technical support that we immediately followed with the installation of the Ultima II filter in June of 2003. The products along with the technical support have always exceeded our expectations. We would never know they were on the other side of the country. We highly recommend Aqua Ultraviolet. Their dedication and commitment to their products and customers is outstanding. We have found their support staff to be highly responsive, pleasant to work with and able to resolve issues to our satisfaction.
  • Absolutely Fish….Clifton, NJ. April 2007
    Three years ago we started looking for a new UV Sterilizer for our main marine fish system. We needed something reliable, durable, and easy to maintain with an effective kill rate. After a considerable amount of research we chose Aqua Ultraviolet Viper SL400 which far exceeded our expectations. After installation we noticed a dramatic difference in Amyloodinium, Cryptocaryon, and Lymphocytes outbreak. The quality of the bulb is the most important component in killing or reproductive disruption of bacteria viruses and protozoans in our system. We have since purchased 2 more units for marine systems in our facility.
  • Ron Braun, Castro Valley, CA: I purchased the 25 watt ultraviolet unit and the Ultima II 2000. They arrived last Thursday. The results were terrific. The pond was totally clear in 24 hours.
  • Tim & Diane O'Pry: Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new filter system you installed, the Big Leaf Basket and the UV. The water has never flowed so well nor been as clear. Maintenance is as quick and easy as you stated it would be. The sludge buster has worked very well in the pond itself, and I am still working on the stream. For anyone that has a pond, I encourage them to install a system such as this. I have tried many over the past 8 years and none have worked very well. Thank you again and feel free to use us as reference.
  • John Cusumano, Monroe, New York: Just a short note to thank you for the way in which you handled my problem concerning my 80 watt UV sterilizer (which by the way was no fault of the unit). This prompt and courteous service that I received from you and your company has made me an Aqua Ultraviolet customer for life. Like the ancient mariner, I will endeavor to tell all that will listen about your product and the great service behind it. Many thanks.
  • Roy A Knapp, Carmel, New York: I just recently bought the UV Aqua Frog (15W). I have a 275 gallon fish pond and have an algae problem like most others who did not have a UV sterilizer. With in two days, after installing the Aqua Frog, the pond water was clear and the PH. was right where is should be.
  • John DeFabio, Long Island Pond Supplies: Hello Ed, I received your newsletter on the Ultima Filter -very impressive! I would like to ad something from my own experience: I have a customer who has two ponds, one about 5,000 gallons and one about 3,500 gallons. She couldn't stand it anymore! Cleaning her filter system which consisted of a Hayward 10 amp pump going into two large filter tanks with filter matting and bio balls. It took her a half day to clean the matting which she had a lot of. She asked me for help and I told her about your Ultima Filters, however I haven't sold one and honestly didn't know how it would work out. What was the result? I installed the Ultima II 6000 with a Sequence Pro 23. Within two weeks she had crystal clear water and her backwashing was only about once every week to two weeks. She was EXTREMELY satisfied. In fact, so much she she told me to do the other pond with the same filter. Therefore I ordered the 6,000 and I am using the Performance Pro Artesian a 1/4-49. But here is something I would like to add to your testimonials...the filter was running from June to November and she shut down the pond for the winter, when she went to clean the filter she was amazed that it wasn't very dirty! That tells me the filter's backwashing system works great! There was no clogging of the tubular media. Bottom line, GREAT filter! Note: She has 25 koi 8" - 25" and no problems - Aqua 80 watt UV.
  • Rick Farris: "I recently expanded my pond from 1500 to 7000 gallons.  My homemade filters were not handling the ensuing algae bloom.   I installed an Ultima on Aug. 30th, along with the 40 watt UV from the old pond. Things cleared in two days.  I am so happy with this system.  It is easily maintained and seems very rugged. And to think, they build them in Temecula CA.  Well-done Aqua UV."
  • Lynne Vongries: "I just put a new Ultima II filter on my large pond, and ecstatic about the clarity of water."
  • Lin Harlowe/Bruce Fournier, Fishguy Aquatics: “We are big advocates of your products--nearly all our Koi Club members have become customers since seeing the crystal clear water in our show &sale ponds! Thanks for all the quick, friendly, and EFFICIENT SERVICE!"
  • Harry Fletcher, Kiyo Marine Aquatics: “Your company demonstrates excellent customer service.”
  • Eldon Elias, Eldon Koi: “Aqua UV has a good product and very good service. Keep it up.”
  • Lam Le, Fancy Koi Outlet: “Aqua UV products have played an important role in our company’s success. No voice mail, always talk to a live person. You customer service is excellent. Sincerely Thanks - Lam Le.”
  • M Meewis, Ontario, CA: “Only took 3 days to clear pond.”
  • C. Keller, West Chester, PA:“I can see the fish again.”
  • M. Campbell, Omaha, NB: “This is fantastic! Use me as a reference!”
  • T. Richard, Oklahoma City, OK: “It really works! And fast!”
  • R. Noel, Fallston, MD: “Great product.”
  • R. Trzcinski, Brea, CA: “ After 9 hr, pond was clear of green water.”
  • R. Daniels, Phoenix City, AL: “Works beautifully! I can see my fish finally!”
  • M. Gaglione, Haledon, NJ: “Your product works great!”
  • D. Daniels, Mc Keinney, TX: “Very nice good product.”
  • D. Holt of Hillsboro, OR: “I like warranty in the Ultraviolet."


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