Improve the quality of the water in your entire home with Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV Sterilizers or advanced Life Plus 3-Stage Systems.

Drinking Water UV’s Control Bacteria, algae, protozoa, viruses in your water supply and reduces chlorine.

Life Plus Systems  Easy as 1, 2, 3; water passes through:

  1. A Sediment Filter
  2. A Carbon Filer
  3. UV sterilizer

You will feel, smell and taste a difference in your water immediately.

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Drinking Water
UV sterilization is a proven technology for safely controlling, bacteria, and viruses along with reducing common water treatment chemicals like chlorine.  Aqua Ultraviolet Drinking Water UV’s can easily be retrofitted to the incoming water line of your home or business...
Life Plus System
Life Plus Whole House System Works in 3 Stages:
- Traps sediment, dirt and rust
- Reduces tastes, odors and chemicals
- Destroys harmful bacteria
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