Air Sterilizers

Indoor air pollution levels are often 70 X higher than the air outdoors. Aqua Ultraviolet air sterilizers eliminate what even the best HEPA filters can not. Installed on any heating or air duct UV will reduce air borne mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus, pollens, spores and dust mites along with odors from pets, smoke and mold / mildew.  Newer homes are constructed to be more air tight increasing the need to remove VOc's, volatile organic chemicals, which become airborne at room temperature.  An average family spends more than 60% of their time indoors where these contaminants are trapped.  HEPA filters in the duct work and room filters aren't effective in reducing single celled organisms most of which are smaller than .3 microns.


How Does It Work?

Installed in the heating-air system a UV treats the air circulating throughout the home.  UV’s purify with UV-C, germicidal rays, which penetrate an organism’s cell walls; germs and viruses cannot build up immunity to this physical attack.  UV disinfection has been used in hospitals and health care facilities for decades to control the spread of diseases by both purifying the air and sanitizing medical tools. In US government buildings the use of UV is now required in all heating and cooling systems.

Product Information

Installation: Mounts easily and quickly in new or existing HVAC air duct of a heating - air conditioning systems. The Unit plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Energy Consumption: The energy used by the Aqua Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer is the same as a standard 15 watt light bulb.

Available in Ozone and Non-Ozone Producing Models

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