Ultraviolet technology is becoming more widely used in the swimming pool industry as an environmentally friendly addition to chemical disinfectants and is the standard for most newly built pools. UV works automatically to control pathogens that are difficult to destroy with chlorine or have become resistant to it.

The primary action of UV is to kill bacteria, viruses, molds and their spores reducing exposure to bathers. It also initiates reactions that destroy chloramines the compounds responsible for, skin and eye irritation and unpleasant odors.

Swimming Pools and Spa Units
500 to 50,000 gal
Aqua Ultraviolet offers a full line of UV Sterilizer to treat residential and commercial pools and spas.  UV is a proven method to kill bacteria and viruses reducing the volume and cost of chlorine or bromine, by 75%...
Viper UV Series
over 50,000 gallons
The Viper Series UV’s are ideal for large commercial or residential pools. The specially designed 4 inch 400 Watt lamps disinfect faster and have greater cell penetration capability. The compact body design has a small footprint making it easy to handle, install and maintain.

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