UV sterilization is an environmentally friendly natural method of disinfection used around the world to treat waste water with proven documented success.

Advantages of UV Sterilization:
* A small footprint and low exposure time
* Instantly neutralize microorganisms as they pass through the chamber.
* Ultraviolet Sterilization is a purely physical process unlike chemical disinfection
   it leaves behind no residual or by-products.
* Organisms can not develop a resistance to UVC germicidal radiation.
* UV can be used to optimize existing processes.

Aqua Ultraviolet offers a full line of UV sterilizers’ ideal for recycling waste water.
Available in stainless steel or plastic the SL and Viper series produce UVC germicidal rays with superior cell penetration and kill rates.

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We will work with you to size and design a system specifically for your installation.

SL 100 & 200 Single Lamp Sterilizers

High efficiency amalgam lamps accommodate varying temperatures, water qualities and flow rates. Treating high volumes with fewer lamps SL’s require a significantly smaller installation space and minimize maintenance time used for lamp changes.

Viper Series UV Sterilizers

Utilizing Viper 400 watt wide spectrum medium pressure lamps these units replace large multiple low pressure lamp systems with one that is compact and easy to maintain.

Vipers are regularly available in Stainless Steel or Plastic 2”, 3”, 6”, 8” or 10”, custom housings are built to order.


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