The Facts

Just the Facts

We have looked at our competitor’s web site and reviewed the more than 50 pages of repetitive hype and rhetoric from a cartoon character. We know you don’t have time to study all of that so we have condensed the comparison between Aqua Ultraviolet and Emperor Aquatics products down to a few pages of information. We know you just want the facts.

Size Doesn't Matter... Performance does...

  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s Superior Design Utilizes the Entire Ultraviolet Chamber for UV Exposure. EA’s Unit does not. (See measurements below)
  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV’s are Engineered for full flow unlike EA’s which require bypassing a portion of the water supply resulting in extra plumbing, slower flow rates and the mixing of untreated water.
  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s units are pressure rated for 50 PSI, EA’s are pressure rated for 20 PSI, another reason you must slow down your flow rates with EA’s Unit.
  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s units use less valuable space for installation because of a smaller footprint. (See measurements below)
  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s 2” Body Allows for Higher UV Dosage vs. EA’s 3” Body.

The Truth is...

At Aqua Ultraviolet all of our UV components, lamp, transformer, quartz sleeve and unit body are specifically designed to work together for optimum UV effectiveness. This results in a smaller footprint, higher flow rates and maximum kill rates.


The physical evidence is clear. Aqua Ultraviolet’s lamps fill the entire chamber, EA’s doesn’t. Why would you want an extra 7" of wasted space? In typical installations, space is usually very limited.

For Optimal UV exposure the lamp and chamber size must be compatible. EA’s Red lines do not accurately depict the area of lamp utilized in each unit. Aqua Ultraviolet’s blue lines show the actual length of UV exposure.

At Aqua Ultraviolet all of our UV components are specifically designed to work together for optimum UV effectiveness. This results in a smaller footprint, higher flow rates and maximum kill rates.

Just the Facts
Real Numbers from Real Tests @ 254 Nanometers Only
Measures UV-C Only
Aqua Ultraviolet 25 Watt Unit
Emperor Aquatics 25 Watt Unit
This test was conducted using a Radiometer, which measures the UV-C output only.
254 Nanometers of UV-C light is the level of output that is needed to kill single cell organisms
(IE: algae, bacteria and protozoa).

The results of this test were independently verified by BioVir Laboratories. EA has never quoted and presumably never conducted any testing. More importantly EA sites no independent testing on any of their products. The only test that Emperor Aquatics refers to is the black box test that measures UV output at 1 meter or about 3.25 feet. The black box test becomes irrelevant since Aqua Ultraviolet and EA both use the lamp at a distance of only 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches. Aqua Ultraviolet conducts field-testing and then verifies the results through independent laboratories.

So... how can Aqua Ultraviolet’s 25 Watt UV produce 50% more germicidal output than EA’s?

  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s unit is a Better Design, a compact unit body of 2” compared to EA’s 3” which gives Aqua Ultraviolet's unit a higher UV concentration. As you move farther away from the lamp the germicidal rays are dispersed and are less potent. Size Doesn't Matter... Performance does...
  • Aqua Ultraviolet uses High Output germicidal lamps. EA uses coated germicidal lamps which reduce UV transmission.
  • Aqua Ultraviolet’s quartz sleeve is of the highest quality hard quartz. EA’s quartz is thicker which also inhibits UV Transmission.
  • Aqua Ultraviolet Equally matches the transformer and lamp for the maximum UV output. EA?


Just the Facts

With Aqua Ultraviolet products you won’t have green water. In fact we guarantee it or we will give you your money back. We have never had to give anyone’s money back!

The following images show a few of Aqua Ultraviolet's customer's ponds...See the difference...

Truth Viper

EA says that Vipers can't work because they utilize medium pressure lamps. Let us show you why the Viper UV is superior to huge conventional multi-lamp units.

When performance matters the Viper Series UV  Sterilizers deliver the highest UV output and flow rates at a fraction of the size.

Viper Units replace multiple low pressure  lamp units with a high output lamp. The Viper has a smaller footprint saving valuable installation space.

The Viper lamp disinfects faster and has greater penetrating capability because of the higher intensity.

Changing Lamps + quartz sleeves that are 4 Inches long is much easier and safer than trying to work with 6 foot pieces of glass.

Pressure Lamps
One of the objections, EA sites, to using medium pressure units is the cost of changing lamps. We disagree.
10 - 40 Watt Lamps without quartz sleeves and seals $680.00
1- 400 Watt Lamp, quartz sleeve and seals $460.00
10 Quartz Sleeves if you need to replace one they are $66.00

As you can see you are really saving $220.00 - $286.00 and reducing maintenance time by 90%.

Testimonials from customers on how well the Viper UV works.

Brooks and Darcy, Virginia Beach, VA.  March 2007
We fought a loosing battle of high maintenance and an unhealthy pond before we converted to the Aqua Ultraviolet products in 2003. We now enjoy a clean pond, clear water and healthy Koi with manageable maintenance. We first installed the Viper UV in March of 2003. We were so pleased with the results and technical support that we immediately followed with the installation of the Ultima II filter in June of 2003. The products along with the technical support have always exceeded our expectations. We would never know they were on the other side of the country. We highly recommend Aqua Ultraviolet. Their dedication and commitment to their products and customers is outstanding. We have found their support staff to be highly responsive, pleasant to work with and able to resolve issues to our satisfaction.

Absolutely Fish….Clifton, NJ. April 2007
Three years ago we started looking for a new UV Sterilizer for our main marine fish system. We needed something reliable, durable, and easy to maintain with an effective kill rate. After a considerable amount of research we chose Aqua Ultraviolet Viper SL400 which far exceeded our expectations. After installation we noticed a dramatic difference in Amyloodinium, Cryptocaryon, and Lymphocytes outbreak. The quality of the bulb is the most important component in killing or reproductive disruption of bacteria viruses and protozoans in our system. We have since purchased 2 more units for marine systems in our facility.


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